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Memorial Walk Thanks April 25, 2011

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Update 05/02/11Here’s a link to few photos taken by Carl.

Thanks to everyone who came to the memorial walk this past Saturday in Prospect Park as well as to everyone who thought about Wynne.  About 30 people were able to join despite the rain.  And after a rainy start, it let up as we began the walk and the weather warmed as well.  We essentially had the park to ourselves and our only obstacles were a couple of large puddles (lakes?) that had formed over sections of the path.

I realized the gathering was also a bit of a reunion of sorts.  Last year many people from different parts of our lives came together in support of Wynne in a variety of ways.  And so Saturday was a chance for some of those people to reconnect with each other and remember Wynne together.

Following the walk a number of people joined us at Soda Bar to continue catching up, sharing stories and celebrating the day in honor of Wynne.

Meanwhile, I’ve set up this link to a Mobile Me gallery I created to share any photos from the day.  Have a look.  (FYI, they tend to be fairly Helen-focused thus far.)

You can upload photos and videos directly to the site as well as by e-mailing them to wuwitz-sv3s [at]  I realize due to the rain that not so many photos were taken.  But we’ll take whatever you got.

Thanks again and lots of love,

Steven & Helen

ps  Here are some photos of Wynne from Junior High School 56 days, recently shared by Alicia via Helen (both childhood friends of Wynne):



One Response to “Memorial Walk Thanks”

  1. Elizabeth Says:

    I love it–all these pictures of Wynne, and the fact that so many people turned to walk in her memory. I wish I could have been there. –Elizabeth

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