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Cutting the cheese January 27, 2011

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Wynne was on the Food Processing Squad for her monthly shifts at the food co-op.  And if it ever came up in discussion, she always took every opportunity to let you know that she had been “cutting the cheese.”  Which was completely accurate, and which I always told her she did better than anyone else I ever knew.

I recently had to start doing shifts again after 12 months of parental leave (thanks Helen).  And I managed to get myself on the Food Processing Squad, same time and week that Wynne did it, with several of the same people whom she came to know well and who came to know her as well as her cancer.  And tonight, despite the latest blizzard, I made it to my first food processing shift.  And of course I spent a good portion of it cutting the cheese to the best of my ability.

Going there, doing some of the things Wynne used to do, and getting to spend time with the people she used to spend time with, these are little things that provide me with a feeling of connection to her.  Something I appreciate even more as more time passes and I feel her presence continuing to slip away from me.