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First Date anniversary December 24, 2010

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December 24, 2004 was the first time Wynne and I met each other.  We both had the day off and arranged to meet for brunch after talking a couple times on the phone and exchanging emails.  And we ended up going to Los Pollitos II on 5th Ave in Park Slope.  (Beso was closed.)

Each year we went back to Los Pollitos II to remember and celebrate the good, the bad and the awkward of our first date.  And to eat their rather yummy Mexican food.

Here are some photos from a couple years ago:





It was a perfect first date.  I still miss you Sweetheart.


Helen at play December 12, 2010

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“She takes a lickin’, and keeps on tickin’, never gonna let her go.”

–John Prine, “In Spite of Ourselves”


Wynne Wu Fund Update December 9, 2010

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First, I’d like to thank everyone for their contributions in Wynne’s memory to the BHSEC Wu Fund, to the Third Street Music School and to Sloan Kettering among other places.  It’s hard to express how much your actions and thoughts are appreciated.

Going forward, I’d like to try and increase the amount currently in the Wu Fund at BHSEC.  So if you were planning on making a charitable donation before the end of the year for tax purposes or other reasons, I’d like to encourage you to make your donation to the Wu Fund.

I’ve learned that the current fund level has been helpful this year in providing financial aid that will enable one student (who wouldn’t otherwise have been able to go) to participate in the spring China exchange trip that Wynne helped set up and used to run.  There has also been discussion of an annual fundraiser to help replenish the fund each year.

In the meantime, I’d like to take steps to help build the fund up so that it becomes a fixture and does not have to rely on replenishing each year.

Donations can be sent to:

Bard High School Early College
525 East Houston Street
New York, NY 10002
Attn: David Clark/Wu Fund

Make checks payable to:  “BHSEC PTA”


Xie xie. (Thanks.)


Happy Chanukah December 2, 2010

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Tonight’s the first night of Chanukah, a holiday Wynne loved.  Primarily because it was an excuse to make latkes and scallion pancakes.  Here are some photos of Wynne doing her thing:




And here’s a photo of Helen’s first Chanukah, taken tonight:

"My First Chanukah" bib courtesy of NaiNai and YiehYieh (just received in the mail tonight)