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Boring is good! October 25, 2008

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I just got my scan results. Things are stable, though they increased my dosage since the trial I’m involved in revealed that the higher dosage showed more efficacy. So I get to take 16 pills a day!!!!

I like boring news like this.  : )


No news is good news… October 4, 2008

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This is a quickie. If I had more time to be creative now, I’d make this post a haiku. But in short,

cancer is still there. Not smaller, not bigger.

so no news is good news.

CAT scan on October 21st. Hope things stay the way they are.


The Political Post

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Don’t get me started on Sarah Palin. This post won’t be going there. But, I will be making some comments on the pink ribbon onslaught that is coming. Specifically October 13th. Please click here to read.


Where’s my Cancer Trump Card?

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My apologies for the late posts….Trying to edit to perfection and just generally getting caught up with work and life are my lame excuses…

As I enjoy my low-key laid back summer, I sometimes wonder why I don’t or other folks that have cancer don’t have a “Cancer Trump Card”?

What IS a Cancer Trump Card (CTC) you ask?

It’s that card that makes everything okay, that trumps everything because — well I’ve got cancer. That simple, no explanation needed. All the little annoyances of life — like waiting on line, or having to stand in the subway during rush hour or wait extra long for that darn G train.

Although life isn’t fair, (I learned that one years ago, see exhibit A — me having breast cancer at 33 years of age), sometimes you just wish that when you have a life-threatening illness for seemingly no reason (other than my genes) that you can just have some other things a little easier.

I guess it’s sort of like having my own personal cancer genie. You know — the toilet overflows and you’re on your way out and you’re running late. ***POOF*** I just wave my CTC and like magic it’s fixed!!

But, oh no. Life just doesn’t work like that. Instead of things getting easier, they just get more and more complicated.

Well, I don’t really need a CTC, since I am doing just fine, though some days are better than some. But just for fun, it might be fun to make one just at that moment when things start to get a wee bit hairy.


Breast cancer should trump everything!

Breast cancer should trump everything!