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A young, American-Born-Chinese woman living with metastatic breast cancer

Me as a Venn Diagram May 16, 2008

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Remember when we had to learn how to categorize things into Venn Diagrams? Well, for some reason I remember learning these and thinking “When am I every going to need this?!!” But, lately I’ve been thinking about my situation as a Venn diagram. And here it is for you all to ponder. I particularly like the colors I chose.

NB: Stage I, II, III, IV are the clinical ways breast cancer is qualified. Stage I means the tumor is less than 2 cm. Higher stages means bigger tumors, and stage IV surpasses the tumor size because it means cancer is now in your bloodstreams affecting other parts of your body.


Why am I creating yet another blog about breast cancer? May 10, 2008

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This is it.

This is my first official blog entry about dealing with stage IV (metastatic) breast cancer. So I feel it necessary to ask myself why am I doing this? The world certainly does not need another blog about someone dealing with breast cancer. I made a feeble attempt at determining how many blogs were out there on this subject, and it lasted about 5 minutes. I’m going make a conservative guesstimate of at least 100. (Feel free to respond if you have more accurate numbers, it would be interesting to know, don’t you think?)

So why, another blog?

Ultimately I’m doing this for myself. Pure self indulgence. That’s one way to look at it, but how did I arrive at this realization?

I initially resisted the urge to become yet another typical cancer survivor turned fierce activist with a blog. I felt like I didn’t want my multi-facted identity to become usurped and engulfed by my tumor markers, doctor’s visits, treatments, procedures, and other things related to managing advanced breast cancer. But, it sometimes is the only thing that preoccupies my mind. Additionally, I do not look like a “typical” cancer patient. In the words of a dear friend, I look quite “vital.” So many people, who don’t know me so well don’t even know that I have this horrible disease.

Also, wouldn’t it just be nice and easy and oh so convenient to say to someone when they ask the often loaded question of “So, how ARE you doing?” to just reply smugly “Oh, I don’t know, but you can read my blog.” So, yes part of this is expedite the ever growing task of keeping everyone updated.

Finally, I’m tired of feeling like I’m the only Chinese-American young woman who is dealing with stage IV breast cancer…

Well, okay maybe I just MIGHT be the only ABC (American- Born-Chinese) with advanced breast cancer, but at least in the interim I might find more of a community of us ABCs wtih BC.